About Unity Gardens

Unity Gardens is a non-profit organization based in Anne Arundel County that supports the building of community partnerships through its grassroots grants program. Unity offers grants of up to $1000 to non-profits such as schools, religious organizations, scout troops and community groups to purchase native plants for conservation landscaping.  Grants are awarded twice a year to coincide with the spring and fall growing seasons.

Unity Gardens was originally founded as part of the Severn River Association. Incorporated in 2003, Unity Gardens has received funding from foundation grants, corporate & individual donations and Anne Arundel County. To date, we have awarded a total of almost $500,000 to over 400 organizations throughout Anne Arundel County. We have been thrilled to fund a wide spectrum of projects that restore and connect communities, including projects for storm water management and environmental restoration, native plant gardens and wildlife habitat projects, historical and educational plantings, and so much more!

Our Vision

Unity Gardens envisions a world where common citizens are the first step toward positive environmental change.  We provide small grants to diverse community groups to plant native gardens that promote cleaner water and air, reduce runoff, foster thriving eco-systems, and create natural beauty.

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