Grant Profiles

Crofton Civic Association & EnSprout

The Crofton Civic Association and enSprout partnered to establish a new pollinator garden at Swann Park. The aptly named Pollinator Paradise was installed concurrently with the Crofton parks clean-up day, organized by the Crofton Civic Association. Approximately 30 Crofton neighbors and volunteers came together to unite, connect and keep our park beautiful. 

Unlike many traditional pollinator gardens, the Pollinator Paradise is located in a shady site at Swann Park. All of the plants for this project were selected for their ability to grow in shady areas such as Chelone glabra, the primary host plant for Baltimore Checkerspot butterflies, and Physostegia virginian, whose tubular-shaped flowers attract hummingbirds. Many of Crofton’s homes are surrounded by mature trees, creating shade planting areas in our own yards. Residents can gather inspiration from the Pollinator Paradise to plant shade pollinator gardens on their own properties.


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