2021 Spring Grant Recipients Announced

In April, Unity Gardens awarded grants to 11 groups to plant new native gardens in the community. These include homeowners’ associations, places of worship, scouts, and local nonprofits who are planting raingardens, undertaking erosion control projects, and establishing pollinator gardens– all using perennials and trees native to Maryland. 

For example:

  • In Arnold, an Eagle Scout candidate worked with his neighborhood civic association to rehabilitate an eyesore area in the local park and turn it into a meditative space filled with native flowers and shrubs. (Photos attached)
  • The Beverly Beach neighborhood in Mayo is using native pollinator planting to intercept and absorb stormwater flowing into Cadle Creek. 
  • The fourth grade classes at the Key School held a contest to design native gardens at their school, then wrote the grant proposal to fund it, and planted all the shrubs and flowers themselves. (Photo attached)

See the full list here!