Grantee Resource Page


Hosting a Safe Event 

Gardening remains a safe pastime in the time of Covid-19, but community gardening events must be planned carefully.  In the past, workdays included as many people working as possible. Now, we encourage you to avoid large crowds, to utilize sign-ups so you can stagger workers throughout the day, and to aim to have volunteers working more than 6 feet apart from each other. Below we’re sharing information from two organizations to give you ideas on how to implement your event. 

Photo Release Form

Unity Gardens uses photos of our grant projects to inform and educate about our work, and the value of native plants.  Photos may be used on Unity Gardens’ social media pages, our website, and in print. By submitting photos to Unity Gardens, you are certifying that all persons depicted in the photos you share with us have signed a Photo Release Form

Grantee Signage

Each grant project will receive a metal 12 x 16 in Unity Gardens sign for their project at no charge. The sign will have holes so you can screw it to a fence, building, or post. You can also purchase a metal post from us for a nominal fee. If you notify Joni of your planting days, we’ll aim to deliver to sign on a garden work day. 

Final Reports

Every grant recipient must complete a final grant report once their project has been implemented. This includes:

  • A complete and accurate spreadsheet of funds received and expenses incurred under the grant, plus receipts* for expenses.  You should use the original budget form from your application. *You will be asked to return money that was not used or for which you do not have a receipt. 
  • A summary of the project as implemented.
  • Copies of news releases and photos, including before and after photos. Please do not embed photos in the report, or if you do, also attach them separately so we can use them in social media and on our website to showcase your work.
  • Releases from individuals depicted in photos so that Unity Gardens may utilize the photos.
  • Outline of a plan on how the project site will be maintained after installation, including designation of a maintenance supervisor.
  • After completion of the project, the Grantee agrees to maintain the project in good condition and repair or replace any damaged or dead plants.
  • Upon approval of the Final Report, Grantee will provide recognition to Unity Gardens by installing a Unity Gardens plaque or including the Unity Gardens logo on educational signage 
at the project site.
  • Due dates for grant reports are as follows. Timely reporting and good communication ensures that your group remains in good standing if you decide to apply for another Unity Garden grant in the future.
  • Fall Grant Deadlines: December 1 and Spring Grants: August 1.

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