Unity Gardens Grantees: Look Who’s Blooming!

Unity Gardens is pleased to announce the community groups that will receive funding to undertake native gardening projects in Anne Arundel County during Fall 2021.  This month, Unity Gardens awarded almost $10,000 in small grants to homeowners’ associations, places of worship, and local nonprofits to complete citizen-led conservation landscaping projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. 

Unity Gardens is a nonprofit organization based in Anne Arundel County that supports the building of community partnerships through its grassroots grants program. Each year since 2001, Unity Gardens has provided grants to schools, places of worship, Watershed Stewards, Master Gardeners, homeowners’ associations, scout troops, and other nonprofit initiatives that require plant funding in order for their conservation landscaping plans to get off the ground. In the past 18 years, Unity Gardens has given out $500,000 to over 500 organizations in Anne Arundel County. 

Unity Garden’s mission is to empower and educate diverse Anne Arundel County communities to create and sustain healthy ecological spaces that enhance life, one native garden at a time. 

The following projects will take place this fall with Unity Gardens Grant Funds:

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Bioretention Rehabilitation and Conservation Landscape

This project will restore and rehabilitate an existing stormwater management area (bioretention) by removing invasive plant species and vines and installing a 1,550 square foot conservation landscape consisting of native trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Crofton Civic Association – A Pollinator Paradise at Swann Park

The Crofton Civic Association and enSprout are partnering to rejuvenate our community’s connection to nature by establishing and maintaining a new pollinator garden at Swann Park in Crofton, Maryland. If awarded this grant, our educational program will target the community’s families, teaching them how to contribute to a healthy, sustainable ecosystem through environmental stewardship.

Eden Ministry Rain Garden Renewal at Empowering Believers Church

This project will engage our historic African American congregation in environmental action and increase our understanding of the way specific native plants can be used to address stormwater runoff, especially in areas where standing water and flooding are an issue. 

Fair Oaks Community Association Native Plants for Stormwater: Center Court

Stormwater management for the surrounding basketball court area to eliminate stormwater runoff into the adjacent Cool Spring Cove which feeds into Cattail Creek & the Magothy River.

Historic Ballwin Hall Native Plants Project 2021

Improve the grounds of Historic Baldwin Hall by removing overgrown bushes and planting smaller native plants to make grounds more attractive for people and wildlife.

Historic London Town and Gardens Visitor Center Berm Restoration and Enhancement to Create a Pollinator Corridor

London Town will restore and enhance the berm in front of the Visitor Center. This grant would complete our efforts to turn the berm into a true pollinator garden, while using low-watering techniques to serve as a “Bay-wise” example.

Jug Bay Friends of Jug Bay

The purpose of this grant is to revamp the raised garden bed in the parking lot of the visitor’s center at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary.

Severna Park Library Native Garden

Hollyberry Garden Club will use fund received to purchase native plants and mulch to expand and supplement the existing Native Garden at the Severna Park Library.

St. Andrews by the Bay Woodland Edge Restoration

This project will add perennials to the Woodland Edge Restoration planting of trees and shrubs started last year at St. Andrew by the Bay Catholic Church. This will provide additional wildlife habitat, replace invasives, beautify the parish grounds, and engage parishioners in planting, caring for, and appreciating native plants. 

St. Anne’s Cemetery

Together with the Thursday morning gardening team, aka “Cemetery Stewards”, we are planning to remove invasive vines and ivy and stabilize the bank with native plants. This project will be the first step towards creating a meditation garden for reflection and the future installation of a columbarium.

Tawes Garden Plant Mural Transition

This grant will be used to redesign a portion of the Plant Mural in Tawes Garden to incorporate more native plants at Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden

Wilsons Grove HOA Turf Lot Improvement

To provide funding to transform a portion of a turf field using native trees and plants to create a pollinator garden and bird-friendly habitat in a highly visible area of the community.

Past Grantees: