Our Fall 2023 grant cycle opens soon!

Please check back on June 15!

Each Spring and Fall, Unity Gardens awards grants to local communities to support planting initiatives that use the power of native plants to address issues like stormwater runoff, pollution and habitat loss.

Unity Gardens funds groups such as homeowners associations, faith-based organizations, schools and scout groups, garden clubs, and other qualified nonprofits. The deadline to apply for Fall Grants is August 1. Spring Grants are due March 1.

We’re are also happy to talk to you about your potential project before you submit an application. Email to set up a time to review your project plans with us.

To apply, all groups must submit the following: 1) Project Description, 2) Photos of the Site, 3) Sketch of the Proposed Garden, 4) Maintenance Plan, 5) Letter of Support from the Property Owner, and a 6) Proposed Budget (save in Excel or Google Sheets).

How to Apply for a Grant

An updated application for Spring 2023 became available on January 15. You can review past applications and guidelines to learn more about our grant program. If you have questions, you can email us at

Helpful Tips: Writing a Successful Application

Your chance of receiving a grant decreases if you are missing attachments or we have to contact you for questions or clarification. Below, we’ve included parts of GREAT past applications you can use as guides: 

Helpful Tips: Budget Form & Funding Tips

Helpful Tips: Native Plants, Design Tool, Project How-To’s

Other Helpful Resources

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